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Facts corroborating any new theory or habit of life are always in demand. As Karezza is comparatively new to many and as the results of its adoption will be far reaching it is due the reader that the theories and principles taught in this work be substantiated by testimony from intelligent, unprejudiced people, who give their experience for the benefit of others.

If some have derived happiness and satisfaction from the course herein proposed others may do so. Of course it may require self training and greater knowledge of the laws of life; therefore, if questions arise, or in any way the subject does not seem clear, or if men or women desire reading that will aid their understanding, the author holds herself in readiness to give such aid. It is right understanding and right application of truth that should be sought.



Karezza title page

I well perceive how in thine intellect already shines the eternal light, which once seen, always kindles love. - Dante

Souls really united progress unitedly. This is the strongest and greatest argument of this altruistic union. The highest aim in life should be spiritual development and attainment of power and strength in this direction. Habits and conditions that contribute to this should be sought.

Miller says:
"With Zugassent's Discovery (Karezza) comes also the one, supreme truth, that its greatest crown of honor consists in its conducing to the highest and noblest spiritual development."



Karezza title page

As far as we yet know, spirit or mind is the substance, it shows through the body - is served by the body. - Koradine

In Karezza the procreation of thought is possible. Spirit is the ego, the higher self, the Divine principle in man that expresses his unity with all nature. The reader will remember that soul is spirit in action. Soul is the "spiritual body" mentioned by Saint Paul; it bears a more intimate relation to the physical body than a hand does to a glove.



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It is the woman of you and not the physical body which is the wife.
Nature is a system of nuptials. All exist as the offspring or product of a marriage. - Grindon

Karezza develops a closer bond of union between husband and wife. They two are united for life; they enter the marriage relation thoughtfully with the hope of happiness and mutual helpfulness. But what a travesty is the usual marriage upon the one idealized, not only in song and story, but in every loving heart. How soon many hearts are broken and many hopes blasted, and that mainly because the sexual relationship in marriage is instigated by selfish motives, and for personal gratification.



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A partnership with God is motherhood.
What strength, what purity, what self-control,
What love, what wisdom belongs to her
Who helps God fashion an immortal soul.
-Mary Wood Allen

When in India I visited the Naiars, a peculiar people, found on the Malabar Coast, and claiming to be of Brahmin descent. They have a native government, are intelligent and educated, have good schools and their houses average better than those in other parts of India. Except two sisters who conducted a mission industrial school for girls, there were no English in this province. The great peculiarity of the Naiars is that the women are the lords of creation. In wide contrast to the condition of other women of that country so full of inconsistencies, they are called the free women of India.



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No words can express the helplessness, the sense of personal desecration, the despair which sinks into the heart of a woman forced to submit to maternity under adverse circumstances, and when her own soul rejects it. - H. C. Wright.

Through Karezza unsought and undesired paternity will be a thing of the, past. Children that are desired will be planned for, favorable conditions will be sought, and the conception of a human being will be an occasion for the highest expression of creative power. Time, circumstances and conditions for the best good of the parents and the child may be chosen.

Chapter 5 - PARENTHOOD


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The desire for fatherhood and motherhood, is found and expressed in the sexual instinct which in turn evinces and is the sign of creative power. Its origin is in life itself. It is the God power, and when it comes throbbing and pulsating in every nerve, in every thought and feeling, it should be recognized as such and appropriated in a God-like manner.

The power to perpetuate the life principle is from the spiritual side of life. It is a manifestation of spirit in the flesh. Body alone cannot reproduce itself, the physical man cannot perpetuate himself, the physical woman cannot perpetuate herself. Reproduction is from and through spiritual life. It is creative energy manifested in flesh. Its fulfillment is in parenthood.

Chapter 4 - HEALTH


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All life in nature is perfect; man's life is no exception if he remove self-made limitations.

Karezza is strengthening and sustaining both to husband and wife, because it is virtually a union of the higher selves, from which naturally there can be no reaction. As the spiritual is developed, the physical is subordinated. Whatever contributes to soul growth enhances the power to live free from the domination of the body, and bodily sensations. Thus is secures harmonious physical conditions, and the spirit manifests or pictures itself through the flesh as a harmonious whole.



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It is the spirit that quickeneth;
the flesh profiteth nothing.

No doubt if the idea of Karezza is new, the first thought will be that it is impossible, and that no one can so regulate his life as thus proposed. But scores of married men and women attest that such self-control is perfectly and easily possible.

At all times to subordinate the physical senses and desires to the spiritual is a matter of education and growth in the knowledge of the laws of being - a knowledge of the power of the spiritual nature.

Chapter 2 - KAREZZA


Karezza title page

Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Karezza signifies "to express affection in both words and actions," and while it fittingly denotes the union that is the outcome of deepest human affection, love's consummation, it is used technically throughout this work to designate a controlled sexual relation.