"View From the Bay" TV Appearance


Very nice.

Marnia is always very coherent in her interviews. :) The hosts were very nice and seemingly interested, which most probably tremendously help the author to get her point across. Overall, nice interview. Well done.

Nice to finally see who you are.

I couldn't hear the interview as I have no audio on my computer, but I could see that Marnia most smoothly, in her most excellent way, did most of the talking. I noticed the energy on the guys face go from kinda business like to eyes smiling...and the woman... I noticed that she went to softness as well...almost the same change. But... even though I couldn't hear what was being said. The energy was greatly received, that was obvious. The audience members looks on their faces was GREAT to see as well.

Great Job, Marnia!!

Wow - well delivered, and gratefully received!

It has got to be difficult to talk about non-goal-oriented sex in a way that might appeal to the masses, and Marnia's warm, personable approach with plenty of description of research results and experience is spot-on. Pushing the bonding behaviors rather than pulling the plug on orgasm seems like a great mainstream and positive approach - like offering a child a ripe peach and waiting for the lollipop to be abandoned. I know when I want to encourage more fitness, just increasing exercise and fresh air naturally makes me crave healthier choices in food, and less of it - as if the brain gets rewired naturally, rather than practicing denial of certain foods, so it seems like a similar approach to me.

The interviewers were very receptive and also seemed genuinely happy to get this info, as did the audience - can't wait to see where this leads, and where we will see you next, Marnia! It's so like San Fran to be cutting edge on something like this, too. And, it's true that recent research reports have implied that more orgasms are beneficial to health, when the actual experiences of that are reported otherwise at street-level. It's more bonding behavior, which naturally engenders more loving kindness, that is the real answer...

Having been aware of your work for about ten years, Marnia, I have to say, it's about time it starts going mainstream - the implications for creating happier couples, then families, and then communities are huge with this approach. I'm excited!!!


This was a very good interview Marnia, you managed to put forward the key issues well. If only they gave you more time so that you could further elaborate on the spiritual traditions supporting the non-goal oriented method.

Great job

Happy to see this getting mainstreamed and more and more notice in different areas.

It's a tough sell, no question. I thought the female host looked positively bowled over. Her last two questions sounded a lot more like "interested woman" than "talk show host".

The male host seemed a little bit more reserved. I know that look from explaining the concepts in this book to one of my male friends. Resistance all the way.


Yeah, I had resistance too at first. Had to see the wisdom for myself. Actually Spencer was pretty open. We had a little chat afterward and a lot of it made sense to him.

But if someone doesn't have initial resistance...there's something wrong. Wink

Well done

Also, I just have to say, you are absolutely otherworldly gorgeous Marnia. You shine and wear your soul on your sleeve. Excellent presentation by the way, I could tell you were a little nervous, but justifiably :) It's difficult to feel as if you have a receptive ear when it comes to this subject. .. Curious....What do you mean by "if someone doesn't have a little resistance at first, there's something wrong.."?

In either case, I'm happy you got this exposure, and I hope to see more.


"Nervous" doesn't begin to describe my state of mind....

By "resistance being normal, " I was referring to the fact that our genetic programs urge us to fertilize and be fertilized, so when someone says, "Hey, here's this great idea that involves not climaxing!" it's likely to be met with a bit of..."WTF????" Wink


If there was any nervousness there, I should as hell couldn't see it, very well done. I hope that the interview provided a bump in sales and inquiries to your book and your work.

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Good job Marnia!

Really liked this interview and put the whole Karezza concept in a nut shell. That woman (who is VERY attractive to me :p) was memsoirized by what you were telling her, like it was the guiding light in her relationship quarrels. I bet this hit a lot of people, especially since you came prepared with some interesting facts to back up your argument. I think you're on the rise to book writing stardom just to be honest!

Ha ha!

Thanks. But that was two years ago, and there's been no sign of stardom yet. Wink Honestly, I find those things nerve-wracking, so I'm just as happy to blabber on in cyberspace. Nice to have your vote of confidence though!