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The Riddle of the Tree of Life

Cultivate the spiritual, the mental and physical desire, rather than those carnal desires that are gratified only for the moment.1

Tree of LifeOne of the most fascinating, yet obscure, promises in the Cayce material lies in the readings interpreting the book of Revelation. Cayce's source insists that if one cleanses and purifies the forces of the gonads (reproductive center), one can bring about complete regeneration (perfect operation of the endocrine system). 2

This is the key to the riddle of the Tree of Life referred to in Genesis.3 But how exactly does one cleanse and discipline the reproductive force? The readings say that the answer can be found through a combination of

  • contemplation,4
  • actual experience working with the ideas suggested in the Commentary, 5 and
  • greater knowledge about the endocrine system.6

In particular, "Everyone should understand their purposes, desires — physically, mentally, spiritually — in human relationships," advises Cayce.7

More than 15 years ago, after many relationships that started out with much love and mutual attraction but deteriorated for a variety of reasons that seemed to make no sense, I did as the readings suggest. I set a strong, continuing intention that my will be completely aligned with divine will where my intimate relationships were concerned. 8

Without consciously realizing it, I had embarked on a quest that would combine clues from ancient wisdom about sacred sexuality with recent findings by neuroscientists…and confirm exactly what Cayce said over 60 years ago. Our endocrine system is the means by which sexual expression is linked to both spiritual growth…and spiritual blindness.

Almost at once a parade of past wisdom marched my way. To my amazement, even thousands of years ago, sages recorded that passion creates problems, which can be overcome by learning to cultivate sexual energy for a loftier end than mere physical gratification. The parallels with the Cayce material grew clearer and clearer. There was another way to make love, not based on the impulse to reproduce.

The years rolled on, and I gained enough practical experience with this unfamiliar approach to lovemaking to confirm that my health and the harmony in my relationships improved as I applied the principles.9

My husband appeared, and experienced profound healing of his own from this practice. A science teacher, he wanted to understand how making love differently could heal. He began a thorough analysis of recent neuroscience discoveries about how sex interacts with the endocrine system.

Sure enough, this recent research reveals why passion leads to dissatisfaction rather than lasting bliss. And how selflessness - both in and out of the bedroom - can improve health, soothe cravings, promote harmony in intimate relationships, and lay the groundwork for heightened spiritual awareness. (Alas, scientists are currently using the research to develop profitable, yet risky, sexual enhancement drugs. 10)

In short, as Cayce predicted, knowledge of the endocrine link between our emotions and sex is the best way to understand how to use our reproductive force more wisely.

In this article I'll share what I've learned about the mystery of sexual union for spiritual ends against the backdrop of the Cayce readings. Then we’ll look more closely at what Cayce had to say about Revelation and the riddle of the Tree of Life. Finally, we'll consider the parallels between the Cayce material and recent scientific research on how sex interacts with the neuro-endocrine system.

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