Fire Breath

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Cover of Tunneshende's bookThese instructions for the breathing practice known as "Fire Breath" were excerpted from Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy by Merilyn Tunneshende.1

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, legs relaxed yet rooted, knees slightly bent. Hang your arms at your sides, loose and limp, fingers slightly curled. Be sure your spine is straight and your neck and shoulders are relaxed, maintaining good posture. Gaze softly into the distance.
  2. Now breathe in through the nostrils, pulling up on the muscles of the perineum and contracting the abdomen on the inhale. The energy should rise in the form of heat, to the area of contraction, which in this case is the umbilical area. Continue to breathe in this way until you feel the heat.
  3. Next, attempt to pull the warm energy up your spine and into the area of your your back heart. This is done by straightening the small of the back on the inhale, which is still accompanied by an abdominal contraction, with a softer perineal pull. As the energy rises to the back of your solar plexus, it will be come even warmer. Now, with additional inhales, accompanied by abdominal contractions, open the back shoulder blades by flexing them, curving your shoulders slightly inward. This will raise the energy into the back heart area and you will feel heat expanding into your arms and hands, which may throb or perspire. You may also feel flushed. This is normal.
  4. Straighten the curve at the back of the neck on the next inhale. An abdominal contraction is required, but the perineal pull is no longer necessary. Try to inhale with the back of your throat and ears – your gills, if you will – for you are now breathing more energy than air.
  5. One snort through the back sinuses, accompanied by an abdominal contraction, will send the breath into your inner eye, which will heat up, thereby expanding. This 'eye' is located about one inch back into the forehead, directly centered above the nose between the brows, perhaps three-quarters of an inch above them. The eye may throb and open if you are ready. This is essential for Seeing certain kinds of energy during a healing. Tip your head slightly forward and allow the heat to become moist as it moves toward the front, the liquid side of your body. You may feel an actual drip, as if warm oil or honey is oozing one drop at a time through your forehead.
  6. Now straighten your head and the drip will accumulate on your soft palate. Swallow this life-giving elixir and it will spread into your throat, opening this center and melting downward.
  7. The inhale for the front of the body is now a soft inhale accompanied by a deep abdominal expansion. This allows the energy to fill the front, as though you were pouring it into a wine skin.
  8. Inhale the warm liquid energy into the heart area by expanding the upper lungs. This will stimulate soft, gentle feelings of love. As the energy melts down further, it will hit the solar plexus and spin to the sides. Massage the warm current into your internal organs, the spleen to the left and the liver, pancreas and gall bladder to the right. Remember to continue expanding your abdomen on the inhale.
  9. From there, the energy proceeds downward diagonally from each side to collect in your reproductive area. An in-breath with an abdominal expansion will fill the bottom of your energetic lake.
  10. Finally, a gentle abdominal contraction on the exhale will return the energy to be stored in the center of will, behind the navel.
  • 1. Bear & Company (2001), pp. 93-4

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