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seeking divine wisdom

Feeling anxious? Not sure why? Wondering about your next step?

Use this tool to contact your inner wisdom. Each time you visit (or refresh) this page messages will appear in response to the questions below. Use the randomly-generated messages to gain insight into how you could approach something differently, or see a situation with greater understanding.

Oracles such as this one rely on synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung meaning the simultaneous occurrence of events which are significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. The connection is there because of the interaction of all things at an energy level, but it is too subtle for our rational minds to comprehend. The best way to learn about oracles is to use one. Have fun!

What is holding me back or causing me pain?

Is there something I need to be alert to in my situation?

What insight will help me at this time?

The response to the first question is a clue about an issue that is blocking you (or someone in your life). It may also refer to something in your environment that you need to address by making changes in your situation, in your treatment of another, or in yourself.

The message under the last question may help you steer yourself in a healthy direction.

Refresh your page for additional messages.

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