Excerpts from the Edgar Cayce Readings

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Mankind must overcome biological sex through union in order to awaken

Edgar Cayce

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In the early part of this century a gifted channel, Edgar Cayce, picked up echoes of the deeper mystery that lies in true union of the sexes. His readings explain that Adam was as androgynous as his Creator prior to the split into sexes. Thereafter Adam was left with his male polarity while Eve inherited the female charge. This "electrical" imbalance furnishes a path to enlightenment when employed for that end. R.W. Krajenke, commenting on Cayce's work, summarized this insight as follows:

Uniting the opposing forces, the positive and negative, male and female, and bringing them into a creative balance and stabilizing our relationships with our "opposites," becomes the way of returning and reuniting with the Oneness of Spirit.

And, quoting the Cayce readings directly: Cayce Reading 262-86

Much might be said respecting the necessity of that union of influences or forces that are divided in the earth in sex. In the heavenly kingdom ye are neither married nor given in marriage; neither is there any such thing as sex; ye become as one--in the union of that from which, of which, ye have been the portion from the beginning.

Cayce Reading: 5747-3

Q: You have before you the question of sex and sex relations as related to delinquency of the teens and younger ages.... A:....First, we would begin then at the beginnings; man's advent into materiality or into a material world and becoming as individual bodies of the world,....Hence the question ye seek is as old as or older than man. This has been the problem throughout man's experience or man's sojourn in the earth; since taking bodily form, with the attributes of the animal in which he had projected himself as a portion of, that he might through the self gain that activity which was visualized to him in those relationships in the earth. Hence slow has been the progress through the ages. And as has been seen, and as may be gained by a study of man's development, this question of the causes, of the relationships in those directions, has ever been a problem before man. This is ever, and will ever be, a question, a problem, until there is the greater spiritual awakening within man's experience that this phase biologically, sociologically, or even from the analogical experience, must be as a stepping-stone for the greater awakening....

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