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"Tantra Is the Science of Transforming Ordinary Lovers into Soul Mates"

Ecstatic union Tantra is one of the greatest treasures that is - lying there, unused. The day humanity uses it, the earth will become aglow with a new love….This very earth can be paradise….It is impossible if you depend on nature. It is very, very possible if you depend on Tantra. - Osho

Recently a new friend, Vibha, who has been an Osho devotee for many years, was kind enough to share some thoughts on tantra with me. I'll supplement our dialogue with quotations from Osho's discourses, which she generously furnished.

M: How do you define "tantra?"

V: Tantra is a mystical experience born out of the union between man and woman. It is an opportunity to open to energy rising up through your body and to experience merging with the Divine. It is a doorway into cosmic oneness. Tantra offers methods to open the chakra system to a vertical flow of energy and to grace descending and permeating our lives.

Osho and partnerTantra is a way of accessing your natural potential to love and be loved in a balanced and blissful way. Sexual union is a door provided by nature to access an ecstatic state of being. The science of tantra offers methods to open that door with sensitivity and intelligence allowing you and your lover to journey together on a transformational path of ecstasy.

If you remain aware you will come to know that sex is not just sex. Sex is the outermost layer, deep inside is the love, and even deeper is prayer, and deepest is God himself. Sex can become a cosmic experience. Then it is Tantra. - Osho

When all the seven centers (chakras) of a man are in tune and in harmony with all the seven centers of a woman, then you have found a soul mate. Tantra is alchemy; it can transform your centers. It can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. It is love at its peak. - Osho

M: How did you first become interested in Osho?

V: I read Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, which is a collection of his discourses, and was very moved by it. I had heard about his commune in Pune, India India, and decided to go and see. For me, living in Osho's commune in India, Pune, was a dream come true. It was an experiment in a radically alternative way of life. People came from all over the world to participate in Osho's vision. Thousands of people from every culture and background meditated together every evening with Osho. In the day and enormous variety of therapies and meditations were available to assist people in cleansing their minds of conditioned patterns. We lived in a "buddhafield," the garden of an enlightened Master, where the seeds of one's potential could more freely flower. It was an incredible experience and I am immensely grateful. Osho once described it as "an experiment to provoke God." It felt to me like a vision for a future humanity.

M: Osho received a lot of bad press during his later years. Do you want to say anything about that?

V: My experience of being with Osho was entirely different from what was portrayed to the general public through the news media. It seems to me that the existing governments felt threatened by Osho's presence and uncompromising courage in exposing political corruption and abuse of power. His revolutionary methods for transforming human consciousness were also very attractive to young people, thereby upsetting the status quo. It seems to me that the government wanted to slander Osho to serve its own agenda. In my view, that was a huge crime against humanity. My experience of being with Osho for 25 years has been that he devoted his life to awakening us from our deep sleep and self-imposed prisons. His presence has been a light in the darkness, a call to remember that we are all buddhas and that through becoming more conscious we can create a paradise upon this earth.

Osho People are against me because I'm telling people how to love. I'm telling people how to love so deeply that love itself becomes your religion - that your woman one day disappears and you find God there; that your man one day disappears and you find God there; that one day, in deep communion, in deep orgasmic experience, in that ecstasy, for a moment you both disappear and there is only God and nothing else.

You have been taught down the ages to be against sex and that has made you very sexual. That's what has happened to the whole humanity: repressed sex has become the obsession.

People think I am teaching sexuality? I am teaching transcendence.

Remember, there is no need to be afraid of women, no need to be afraid of men. We are all alike, the same God. We have to learn how to love each other. We have to come closer to each other because that is the only way to come close to God. Love is one of the greatest doors to God, just as awareness is another. I teach you both: a loving awareness, a conscious love. And with this you will become integrated, you will attain individuation. - Osho

M: What can people hope to experience through the path of tantra?

V: Tantra is a transformational path, an alchemical path. It is a life-affirmative approach. Through Tantric methods and meditations, people will be able to experience their senses and sexuality as doors to expanded states of consciousness and bliss. Tantra opens us to experiencing oneness with the whole, of being showered by grace, of union with the Divine, of Heaven on Earth.

In meditation, if two meditators share their energies, love is a constant phenomenon. It does not change. It takes the quality of eternity. It becomes divine. The meeting of love and meditation is the greatest experience of life. - Osho

M: Did Osho give specific advice about techniques for making love?

V: Yes. Here is a quotation from one of his discourses:

OshoLet your making love be more like a happening than like a making....How can you make love? It is not something like doing: it is not an action. It is a state. You can be in it but you cannot make it. You can move in it but you cannot do it. You can be loving but you cannot manipulate it....

When you make love, be possessed. Move slowly, touch each other's bodies, play with each other's bodies. The body is like a musical instrument. Don't be in a hurry. Let things grow. If you move slowly, suddenly both your energies will rise together, as if something has possessed you. It will happen instantly and simultaneously together. Then only tantra is possible. Move now into love....

Just feel energy descending on you and let that energy have its movement. Sometimes you will start shrieking: shriek! Sometimes you will start saying things: say! Sometimes only moans will be coming out, or some mudras, gestures; allow them. It is going to be a maddening thing, but one has to allow it. And don't be afraid, because it is through your allowing that it is happening. The moment you want to stop it, it stops, so you are never beyond control....

Whatsoever happens in that moment is beautiful and holy; whatsoever, I say, unconditionally... Nobody knows what is going to happen. You are simply left in the divine vortex. It will take you, and it will take you wherever it wants. You are simply available, ready to move with it. You don't direct it. You have simply become vehicles. Let energies meet in their own ways. The man should be dropped out of it - just pure energy. You will not be making love only through the genital organs; you will be making love through your whole body....

If you meditate before and then worship each other, there is no danger; everything will move rightly....Then one day suddenly - the flower of tantra. - Osho

M: Are there any resources you particularly recommend for those who want to learn more?

V: I would recommend the books Tantric Love and Tantric Sex, both by Ma Ananda Sarita and Sw. Anand Geho. [1] They are beautiful books with lots of practical information and meditations for transforming and harmonizing within yourself and with a partner. I also recommend The Book of the Secrets, which is a commentary on the 112 methods of meditation from Shiva, an ancient tantric master, and Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, both by Osho.[2]

Tantra is the science of contacting souls, of going to the deepest core of the other. Tantra is one of the most important secrets ever discovered. But it is very delicate because it is the greatest art. To create a communion with the energy of the other, a dancing communion is the greatest and most difficult art to learn. - Osho

M: You also teach tantra, right?

VibhaV: Yes. I offer Tantric Meditation for singles and couples, Tantric Heart Dance for singles, and Tantra: the Return to Ecstasy for women. I also offer private consultations. Those who would like more information and schedules for upcoming events and classes can contact me at

Tantra says be alive, more alive, because life is God. There is no other God than Life. Be more alive and you will be more divine. - Osho

M: Thank you, Vibha.

PS: Browsing through the materials that Vibha left with me, I was also struck by the following excerpts from Osho's discourses:

For you, the sex act is a release. So when you move in it you are in a hurry. You just want a release….Overflowing energy creates tensions, excitement. You feel something has to be done. When the energy is released, you feel weak. You may take this weakness as relaxation. Because the excitement is no more, the overflowing energy is no more, you can relax. But this relaxation is a negative reaction….at a very great cost. And this relaxation can only be physical. It cannot go deeper and cannot become spiritual….

There are two parts to the sex act - the beginning and the end. Remain with the beginning. The beginning part is more relaxed, warm…..Forget the end completely…..Do not seek ejaculation; forget it completely.

Feel the other's body, feel the other's energy flowing towards you and be merged in it, melt in it. It will come…..A man feels that something has gone wrong if there is no ejaculation…. Nothing has gone wrong! And do not feel that you have missed something; you have not missed. In the beginning it will be felt as if you are missing something, because Oshothe excitement and the peak will not be there. Before the valley comes you will feel that you are missing something, but this is just an old habit. Within a period, within a month or three weeks, the valley will start appearing, and when the valley appears you will forget your peaks. No peak is worth this. But you have to wait, and do not force it and do not control it. Just relax….It is good, helpful, if you breath deeply, not fast but slow, breathing very easily - being at ease. Don't talk….feel what is happening. …Float effortlessly. Then only will the valley appear, and once the valley appears you are transcended.

Once you feel and realize the valley, the relaxed orgasm, it is already transcendence. Then sex is not there. It has become a meditation - a samadhi.

Tantra says…use nature itself to transcend. Don't fight; accept nature in order to transcend it.

Tantra says no strain is needed; be relaxed with the other. In that relaxed moment the other disappears and your energy can flow up, but it flows up only when you are in a valley. It flows down when you are at a peak…..If you are controlling it, sooner or later you will be hurried to finish….You are not going somewhere. It is just a play; there is no goal. Nothing is to be reached, so why hurry?... If you are in a hurry, then timelessness cannot be felt….This unhurriedness is basic to create the valley; otherwise the peak will be created.

Remain in the moment going nowhere, and melt. Warmth, love, should be made a situation for two persons to melt into each other. That is why, if there is no love, the sex act is a hurried act. … You are exploiting each other, not merging into each other.

If you are not in a hurry to finish the act, the act, by and by, becomes less and less sexual and more spiritual. Sex organs also melt into each other. A deep, silent communion happens between two body energies….It becomes an ecstasy, a samadhi, cosmic consciousness. And if you can know this, if you can feel and realize this, your sexual mind will become non-sexual!

Tantra will say, understand sex, do not try to channel it….First understand it, and through understanding the path will be revealed. You are not to force your energies on that path. Through understanding you come to know the law, just like in science. …You come to understand a law; a natural mystery is revealed. Once the natural mystery is revealed, you can use the energy creatively.

Without your knowing the inherent law, all efforts are doomed. So tantra says, understand the animal, because in the animal is hidden the potential for your future…..Tantra says that in your body is the whole cosmos in miniature.

Bliss never happens through effort. Effort is always tension-creating; it gives anguish. Effort is always ugly because you are forcing something. Understanding is not an effort; it is beautiful, it is a spontaneous happening.

There is no need to use sex only in reproduction. In every creation sex is used….A great musician is creating music. No father can feel so much fulfilled as a musician feels when great music is created, and no son can give so much happiness to any parent as a great piece of music can give to the musician….Because he is creating on higher realms, nature relieves him of lower creation; the energy has moved higher. Tantra says, do not fight with the energy, allow the energy to move higher. And there are many realms of higher movement and many dimensions.

  1. Tantric Love and Tantric Sex by Ma Ananda Sarita and Sw. Anand Geho may be ordered here.
  2. The Book of the Secrets and Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho may be ordered here.